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RPI Designs, located
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What’s The Real Difference Between the Camaro vs. Corvette?

Are we comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges here? Read on for a comprehensive review of the Camaro vs. Corvette.

Chevrolet is a superb combination of the Swiss sense of style and American strength, just like its founders back in 1911.

The Chevrolet Corvette is timeless in its appeal, and ever since its first production in 1953, the Corvette continues to be one of Chevrolet’s best sellers. That’s over 65 years, folks!

On the other hand, the Chevrolet is also well-known for another big hitter: the Camaro (which got off to a flying start in the late 1960s and was designed to compete with the Ford Mustang).

So what’s the real difference in the Camaro vs. Corvette saga? Essentially, the Corvette and Camaro share the same DNA—they come from the same family, share some similarities and both have a trusted fan base. Read on for the breakdown of things that set these cars apart.

1. A Fist Full of Dollars?
Actually, the price difference is a lot more than a few dollars. The Camaro is certainly the cheapest, with pricing starting at $25,000. In contrast, you will have to almost double your money if you want to buy a Corvette (which starts at about $55,000).

That said, one thing people love about Chevrolet is the variation and choice the company offers. That variation can be seen when it comes to options for both vehicles, but especially for the Camaro.

A V6 Camaro can be bought for under $30,000, and even if you want to upgrade to the V8 it will still cost less than the Corvette. In fact, you can buy a V8 for around $40,000.

Long story short, the Camaro is cheaper but can be upgraded. Corvette is more expensive from the first price point, but when you start to upgrade Camaro specs, both vehicles become more comparable in price. That means the Camaro is an excellent choice for those who want a superb machine within a more limited budget.

2. Two vs. Four
Yes, you got it! This subheading refers to seating options. The Corvette is a classic sports coupe with 2-seat configuration, which can put you in a tight spot if you have a large family. (Still, Corvette’s two lucky passengers will no doubt be thrilled with the Recaro leather seats that offer extra support for hard cornering.)

The Camaro offers plenty of muscle (true to its heritage), but ticks the practical box in the sense that it has four seats and more space in the trunk. Don’t get too excited though, the back seats in the Camaro are still a squeeze!

3. All the Trimmings
If you went out for Christmas dinner, then no doubt you ordered turkey with all the trimmings. The Camaro is a little bit like that. You can upgrade the trim (aka “trimmings”) to a more luxurious level including leather and numerous other premium features.

At its starting point, the Corvette offers a far higher standard of luxury (which includes premium Bose speakers). This level of excellence is expected, given its higher priced entry point. However, both of these cars offer a superb driving experience and both have dashboard designs that are configured especially for the driver.

This strong sense of identity attributed to the driver is one of the reasons why both cars can be described as a ‘driver’s’ car. It’s also why both vehicles sit squarely in the car-enthusiasts section of the forecourt.

4. Technobabble
Much like the trim design and level of luxury, the level of technology is higher in the Corvette vs. the Camaro when comparing base models. That said, it is possible to upgrade the base system and various technology within the Camaro to be somewhat similar to the Corvette.

The base system in the Camaro is a 7-inch MyLink system with Bluetooth, which also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both cars offer 4G LTE WiFi (very handy with the voice-activated commands). The entertainment systems in both cars are also very easy to use and good fun.

5. Under the Hood
The Camaro base model comes in with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four giving 275hp, or you can upgrade to a 6.2-liter V8 that creates 455hp. Sound good? It did until you realize that the top end Corvette offers a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 creating 650hp.

Here lies the truth about these cars. They are not designed to compete with each other, but instead, are designed to offer flexibility and choice.

The Camaro will never compete with Corvette when it comes to engine power because it was never designed to!


That said there are some very good modifications that can really enhance the Camaro’s performance. Check out some suggestions here.

The Camaro is designed to be an excellent alternative to the Ford Mustang, and the Corvette is competing with the big boys at Porsche (two brothers wrestling in a tag team match).

Of course, there is no difference between the Camaro and the Corvette and any other car when it comes to the importance of good, regular maintenance. Stay ahead of any potential issues by taking your car to an expert on a consistent basis. (Here are some common issues with the Camaro and how to fix them.)

6. Road Handling
The shape and center of gravity on the Corvette have been deliberately crafted to offer superb road handling, and although the Camaro will offer a good ride, it cannot rival the Corvette.

A standard feature on the Corvette is the Magnetic Ride Control (this is clever stuff). With Magnetic Ride Control, the shock absorbers are filled with fluid that has the ability to intelligently adjust its viscosity.

In other words, the fluid can thicken and dampen more, or it can become thinner and dampen less. The controlling element is the magnetized particles within the fluid, and the magnetic bond can be triggered so that they bind together and increase the viscosity of the fluid.

The coordination of this intelligent dampening is controlled by a computer and managed across all four wheels depending on the speed and surface environment the car is moving over. Does this element make the Camaro owners sad? It can, but the good news is that this feature can be purchased as an upgrade on the Camaro.

7. Stay Safe
Another piece of excellent news for the Camaro: in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash testing, the 2018 Camaro earned a five-star overall rating.

This is the highest rating possible and provides reassurance about the integrity of the safety design.


Specifically, the testing looks at rollover resistance and crash impact from various angles on the vehicle such as side impact. The test also includes a scenario for full frontal collision. These tests are particularly encouraging if this is a vehicle you plan to use on a regular basis.

8. Save the Planet
When you put your foot down and your Chevy drinks a big gulp of fuel, the last thing on your mind is saving the planet. However, it’s good to know that the Camaro offers a (slightly) more environmentally friendly choice than the Corvette.

The 2.0-liter Camaro returns 31 mpg on the highway and 22 in the city, with combined fuel economy at about 25 mpg. By comparison, it seems the most economical version of the Corvette offers a combined average of 19 mpg.

So, if you buy a Camaro you will certainly not win a prize for protecting the environment, BUT you can pat yourself on the back for at least opting for a slightly greener choice.

Camaro vs. Corvette – Final Stop
There are certainly differences between Camaro and Corvette, but it’s clear that the Corvette comes with a lot more on standard models (however, those “extras” don’t come free).

In contrast, the Camaro offers more choice and variants (meaning it will suit a lower budget while also accommodating everyday use). Along the same line of reasoning, the Corvette has a trunk that isn’t exactly of any practical value, and even though the Camaro has its limitations in this regard, it is has a reasonable amount of trunk space.

Whatever you buy, just promise to make careful maintenance a priority. If you want to preserve the car’s value then check out this article on the things you need to be doing!  

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