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Salem, Ohio, offers many c5/c6/ c7 corvette Stingray


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RPI Designs, located
Salem, Ohio, offers many c5/c6/ c7 corvette Stingray


Toll Free: 888.257.8515

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How to Replace Corvette Seats – Tips & Tricks for an Easy Installation

How to Replace Corvette Seats

For this blog, you’ll want to grab a seat.


While much of our focus here at RPI Designs is about extra horsepower, your Corvette’s exterior appearance and other do-it-yourself projects, one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the place you spend nearly 100% of your time in your Corvette: the seat. Continue reading “How to Replace Corvette Seats – Tips & Tricks for an Easy Installation”

Spoiler or Wing: Do-It-Yourself Mustang Upgrades

Wing Vs spoiler

High-performance cold air intake or supercharger? Covered or bare calipers? Factory or aftermarket front splitter? Regular or short throw shifter?

Great debates about parts are one of the things Mustang owners love about their car. They have to argue about something – after all, one of the “big” debates about which car rules the road has already been settled (at least among Mustang fanatics): the Ford Mustang, of course! Continue reading “Spoiler or Wing: Do-It-Yourself Mustang Upgrades”

5 Camaro Parts Worth Getting Painted


Ever since aftermarket Camaro parts became widely available, nobody can deny this fact: the colorful Camaro is preferable to an average one. Custom-painted components, premium made-to-order accessories and other parts show that customization isn’t just for performance; appearance is just as important to Camaro owners. Continue reading “5 Camaro Parts Worth Getting Painted”

7 Upgrades Before Corvettes at Carlisle

Getting Ready for Corvettes at Carlisle

One of the nation’s premier Chevy Corvette showcases is set to launch later this summer. Corvettes at Carlisle draws thousands of Vette fanatics from all across the United States to the small city of Carlisle, located in Central Pennsylvania. If you’re headed to Corvettes at Carlisle (and we recommend you go, as the city’s idyllic Cumberland Valley setting is worth the trip), you should probably start thinking about getting your Corvette showroom-ready. Continue reading “7 Upgrades Before Corvettes at Carlisle”

How to Add More Power to Your Corvette Stingray

How to add power to corvette

The latest Corvette Stingray isn’t lacking power – after all, a 6.2 L V8 engine with roughly 460 HP beats just about any factory-installed engine – but sometimes, just that little extra “oomph” makes all the difference.

Welcome to Corvette Stingray nation, where residents are in a never-ending quest to add more power to an already powerful car. It’s a fun, fascinating place to be – and RPI Designs is glad to provide all the latest accessories and parts to upgrade your Stingray exactly as you wish…until the next urge comes along to modify even further! Continue reading “How to Add More Power to Your Corvette Stingray”

Top 5 Corvette Interior Upgrades

Top 5 Corvette Interior Upgrades

The Chevy Corvette’s exterior appearance sets it apart from all other cars on the road – or in the showroom. However, the interior details are what really makes the car one of the most popular muscle cars on the planet. The Corvette’s interior has a sleek, streamlined look, and the car’s standard factory interior features offer impressive comfort and quality. Continue reading “Top 5 Corvette Interior Upgrades”

Top 5 Corvette Weight Reduction Modifications

carbon fiber parts

Let’s talk extra weight, and how those additional pounds cause certain reactions from different people. First, let’s establish a scale from 1 – 10. One is the least annoying, barely registering a response. Ten is equivalent to Gilbert Gottfried reading a phone book while scraping his fingers across a chalkboard. Continue reading “Top 5 Corvette Weight Reduction Modifications”

Knowing Your Exhaust: Catback vs. Straight Piped

Catback vs. Straight Piped Exhaust

An exhaust system is located at the back of your car, but it’s definitely at the forefront a heated debate. If you speak with ten different auto enthusiasts about their preference between a cat back vs straight piped exhaust system, there’s a darn good chance you’ll end up with half on one side of the argument, and half on the other side. Continue reading “Knowing Your Exhaust: Catback vs. Straight Piped”

How to Install Mild2Wild Exhaust Controller


Stepping up from the amateur mod car tier to the more advanced group usually involves a signature installation project. And depending on which modification enthusiast you talk to, those projects can vary considerably in terms of total install time, degree of difficulty and other factors. Continue reading “How to Install Mild2Wild Exhaust Controller”

Give Your Mustang Some Style with Painted Covers

painted covers

If you mention the term “painted covers” to many people, they’ll assume you’re talking about a car wrap or large body cover. But at RPI Designs, home of the finest parts, painted covers means anything from fuel rail coil covers to front splitters to brake reservoir covers – to put it simply, if your Mustang’s part or accessory can be styled up ,you’ll find it right here! Continue reading “Give Your Mustang Some Style with Painted Covers”

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