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RPI Designs, located
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A Comprehensive Review of the New 2019 Corvette

Question. Do you value power and performance? When you’re on the road, do you feel the limitations of your vehicle?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then the newest Corvette is right up your alley. Chevrolet has eliminated limitations with the 2019 Corvette, and power and performance are front-and-center in this classic speed-demon. With 65 years of history behind it, the Corvette is out to show that age is just a number and the future is now.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the many perks of being a Corvette owner (and the small handful of pitfalls, too).

Hop in. We’re gonna go fast.

What’s Your 2019 Corvette Style?
Depending on your taste and/or price range, there are 4 versions of the 2019 Corvette to choose from: the Stingray, the Grand Sport, the Z06, and the impossibly powerful ZR1 that was brought back for the 2019 collection. Pick your poison and customize even further from there with the seemingly endless trim options.

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray comes in very affordable at just over $55,000. It’s no slouch with a 455 horsepower V8 engine, a 7-speed manual transmission, and RWD. You can choose to beef it up with the top trim option and Chevrolet’s Z51 Stingray Performance package.

Next up is the Corvette Grand Sport model that runs you $65,000 for the coupe and $69,000 for the convertible. With a performance exhaust system, wider stance, and magnetic selective drive control, the Grand Sport is Stingray power meets Z06 handling.

Until this year, the Z06 was the showpiece of the Corvette family. People would come for the 650 horsepower V8 engine, and stay for the 8-speed automatic transmission. The Z06 boasts a wide body, magnetic selective drive control, and performance exhaust of the Grand Sport with a more powerful engine and the option to go even further. With the top trim, the Z06 can go beyond $90,000.

Do you like to go really, really fast? Then throw all the other models out the window and go with the 755 horsepower ZR1. There’s not much to say other than if you want the best, you have to pay for it! With the best trim package, you’re paying around $130,000 for the ZR1 work of art.

It’s Got the Looks to Make It
Now that you’ve gotten the rundown, it’s time to take a look at what makes the 2019 Corvette such a thing of beauty. (Hint: everything!)


The 2019 Corvette’s seats provide great support, the center console is easy to reach, and front visibility is no issue. (It would be bad if it was.) The rearview is a different story, unfortunately.

Aside from the actual look of the interior, the amount of space in the 2019 Corvette is more than acceptable. It’s a smaller sports car, of course, so you can’t exactly put your feet up, but unless you’re extremely tall you should have a comfortable ride.

There is also a surprising amount of trunk space in the 2019 Corvette. (15-cubic feet of space, to be exact, which is enough to fit the necessary supplies for your road trip.) Don’t bring your kid though, there aren’t any car seat connectors.

…And Out
Over the past 65 years of production, the good folks at Chevrolet have been designing some of the most gorgeous sports vehicles on the road, and the 2019 Corvette is no exception. If you know Corvettes, then you know style and luxury ― modern, yet classic in its own way.

Like we said before, all models come in coupe or convertible with an aluminum frame, composite and carbon-fiber body panels, and more than enough choice when it comes to color. If you’re feeling creative, visit our exterior parts page to add even more style to your Corvette.


Digital Love
Part of the luxury of a new car in 2019 is the advancement in technology.

Standard with the 2019 Chevy Corvette is dual-zone automatic climate control for perpetual comfort while you drive. They also include a proximity key, push-button start, Bluetooth, a 9-speaker Bose stereo system with satellite and HD radio, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a 4G LTE hotspot, AND a MyLink infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen. (That’s a lot of stuff!)

Integrating your phone is easy. There are two USB ports and a 12-volt outlet placed in the center console so you can charge up while you drive.

If ALL OF THAT isn’t enough for you, there are even more add-ons.

For instance, real gearheads might want a performance data recorder to record all aspects of their driving. If the 9-speaker system just isn’t enough, try the 10-speaker Bose premium audio system. Or, if you can’t find your way, use the navigation system.

Shut Up and Drive
No one is gonna complain about this car having the wrong look. It’s a classic. But let’s find out how it performs.

As you might expect, the performance of the 2019 Corvette is reflected in the price. The 455 horsepower 6.2-litre V8 is more than enough to satisfy the average Joe’s need for speed. If you opt for the Z06 or the ZR1, then the speed is virtually unmatched.

The ZR1’s top speed of 200 mph should do the trick. Read Car and Driver’s comprehensive first drive review of the ZR1 at Drive Atlanta, one of America’s best natural road racing circuits. However, the unfortunate part of having so much power is gas mileage.


With the base engine, you’re looking at a cringe-worthy 25 mpg on the highway. (That’s the price of going fast!)

When it comes to handling, the 2019 Corvette pretty much can’t be beaten. Turns and overall steering are very smooth and responsive, and if you want to take it a step further, add the Magnetic Selective Ride Control which adapts to changing road conditions on the fly.

Cost Versus Competition
There’s no doubt that the 2019 Corvette is a top-notch luxury vehicle. With endless options, unrivaled power and handling, a breathtaking look, and state-of-the-art technological features, it’s hard to imagine that anything else stacks up.

A top-end price point, however, invites top-end competition. So, let’s take a look at some other luxury sports vehicles in the 2019 Chevy Corvette’s class, and compare their features to the Vette’s.

Chevy Corvette vs. Jaguar F-Type

The F-Type is another RWD sports vehicle priced in the same range as the Corvette, however, it leans more in the direction of luxury than power. 296 horsepower is nothing to scoff at but doesn’t quite compare to the 455 HP that you get with the 2019 Corvette.

The interior of the Jaguar has a classic posh British look in comparison with the Corvette, but with more features, a more responsive infotainment system, and a more practical trunk, the Corvette has more value for the money.

Chevy Corvette vs. Porsche Cayman
The Porsche Cayman is probably the most comparable to the Corvette in terms of performance as a high-end sports vehicle, consistently ranking at the top of the market.

In terms of value though, the included features of the Corvette stand out more. Adding some of the Vette’s standard features to the Cayman can drive the cost up.

Chevy Corvette vs. Audi TTS
The new Audi TTS prices out a little less than the base Stingray model, but those who value power will edge more towards the Corvette. The TT leans into agility and handling, sacrificing some power along the way.

Interior features differ here, as well. The most obvious difference is the display, which is fully contained behind the steering wheel. It’s all personal preference of course, but again the Corvette wins out when it comes to storage space, as the TTS’ trunk has just 12 cubic feet of space to the Corvette’s 15 feet.

Chevy Corvette vs. Chevy Camaro
(We had to throw this one in here!) If you’re brand loyal, you might want to look at the Camaro. Of course, looking at the Camaro, the obvious difference is cost and power.


Additionally, the Camaro offers rear seating, so if you have a family to transport, you may want to consider this alternative.


All in all, the Corvette compares very favorably to its competitors. Of course, these speedsters are all base models, though. When looking at the ZR1 by comparison, the sheer price opens up a world of other possibilities that need to be researched.


King of the Road
Ranking at the top of most luxury sports car lists for the year, the 2019 Corvette is a true beast and one of the kings of the road.

When choosing a luxury sports vehicle, the Corvette offers a combination of style, power, features, and comfort that most other competitors don’t have, making it a can’t-go-wrong vehicle…but we’ll leave the rest up to you.

Visit our blog for more previews, reviews, and tips for maintaining your Corvette, and contact us for any high-end performance add-ons or other needs!

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