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RPI Designs, located
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13 Reasons Why You Need a New 2018 Corvette

The best time to buy a new 2018 Corvette is right now! Here are just a few reasons why you need one.

As you might already know, on January 17th, 1953, the first American sports car was born, and the ’53 Chevy Corvette took the world by storm. Without a doubt, the first Corvette’s all-fiberglass body and roaring 150 horses had everyone enamored.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Corvette is still going strong. Every year, Chevy is improving on its flagship car while retaining its classic look and feel. Better fuel economy, modern amenities and safety upgrades compliment an impeccable style.

If you’re on the fence about buying the 2018 Corvette, we’re going to go ahead and tip the scales for you with 13 solid reasons to buy one. After all, new or old, there are perks to riding in a ‘Vette that everyone appreciates.

1. Style
Aesthetics define the Corvette just as much as what’s under the hood. One of the best things about this car is that it has retained its style for over 60 years. (The look has certainly evolved, but both the classic and contemporary models are highly sought after.)

Corvette’s style has undergone a smooth transition over the years, and in 2012, there was a modern redesign to attract younger generations.Yet, style oozes from all Corvette models, making it easy to spot it from a crowd of other pedestrian cars.

2. A Roar of the Corvette
Can you distinguish cars by the way they sound? For many car enthusiasts, the answer is ‘yes’ without hesitation. For the casual driver out there, they may hesitate.

Corvette is the epitome of American muscle cars, bellowing a roar of eight cylinders.

If you love that audible power, then buying a new Corvette may just be a matter of turning the key and hitting the gas. The variable exhaust with a low-restriction muffler system produces some of the deepest roars of any stock cars out there.

3. Power and Performance
The 2018 Corvette doesn’t just sound the part. The 2018 performance models top out at 460hp off the lot. (And the 6.2L V8 engine provides such incredible acceleration and torque that you’ll immediately want to search for a nearby track.)

Of course, there’s nothing like pushing the pedal to the metal. The 2018 Corvette was built to be a consumer-grade race car, giving the best performance money can buy while staying street-legal.

The manual transmission challenges new riders to learn to “feel” the car’s capabilities, and the reward is clean, precise shifting through gears.

Even if you don’t take your new Corvette out to the race tracks, you’ll fall in love with its power, handling, and high performance.

4. Incentives
There is no better time than the present to buy Corvette cars made in the last few years. Both the 2017 and 2018 models have generous incentives available, and although you won’t see it advertised in most places, it’s an incentive that can be combined with other deals.

The deal is called the Flex Cash rebate, and you can get up to $8,000 off 2017 Corvettes and $6,000 off 2018 models. 2019 Corvettes don’t have quite the same level of rebates, but you can get at least $2,000 off those, as well.

5. Amazing Interior
Many sports cars can fall short when it comes to the interior, because the old rule of thumb was to buy a sports car for performance and exterior styling. The Corvette bucks this trend by taking care of both the driver and passenger.

The seats are spacious, supportive and luxurious. You get the latest in infotainment and digital dashboard displays, and onboard tech includes a nine-speaker Bose audio system, Android/Apple systems, voice command navigation, and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

The 2018 Corvette even has a respectable 15 cubic foot trunk for storage. That’s not something you’d expect from a sports car.

6. Iconic Convertible
Corvette convertibles offer some of the most reliable top-folding technologies. (So go ahead and lower the top while driving, catch the breeze and ride in style.) You can operate the convertible top at up to 30 mph while on the road.

You can also opt for the coupe model if you prefer removing the top yourself. Either selection provides an amazing open-road experience. Corvette convertibles are an iconic American staple and a symbol of that middle-class dream.

7. Road Trip Ready
When it comes to taking extended trips on the highway, there’s no better car than the ‘Vette. Sure, you won’t have the same storage capacity as an SUV, but that’s not necessarily bad. It forces you to travel without carrying a bunch of stuff.

The Corvette is synonymous with spontaneity, so get up and go somewhere…and get there fast!

8. Dynamic Controls
Like any good sports car, the 2018 Corvette model is filled with fine-tuning capabilities and settings. You’re treated with a five-position Drive Mode Selector, giving you access to settings for different road conditions.

The default Drive Mode is set to Touring, which offers a smooth experience while the Sport and Track modes enable more aggressive suspension, tighter handling and bigger exhaust. (This is where the Corvette really roars like the king that it is.)

You also have access to Weather and Eco modes, both utilizing conservative power modes to increase mileage and handling.

9. Fuel Economy
Speaking of mileage, another surprising feature of the Corvette is its great fuel economy. Sports cars aren’t known for their fuel efficiency, but Chevy has accomplished a lot with its Corvettes. Without any modifications, it is not unheard of to squeeze out 25 mpg city and 29 mpg highway.

This efficiency is thanks to the Corvette’s ability to run on just four of its eight cylinders when needed. Unlike other sports cars, like as Mustangs, the Corvette won’t automatically throttle you. You can choose to ride with power or coast quietly to save on gas.

10. Chevy Corvette Mods & Upgrades
The stock Chevy Corvette is generously equipped and fully capable on its own, while modified models take things to the next level with street mods and custom parts. (You can fulfill your need for speed and express yourself with any of the popular Corvette modifications on the market.)

Aftermarket body kits, spoilers, chip tuners, exhausts and air filters are game-changers. You can squeeze out better horsepower, gas mileage and a dynamic sports car performance with these upgrades.

11. Chevy Complete Care
During the 60+ years of the Corvette’s life, this vehicle has been sustained by the outstanding support provided by Chevy. Year after year, they continue to prove themselves both competent and in-tune with their community. When you buy a new Corvette, you get:

5-years or 60,000 miles of 24-hour Roadside Assistance
5-years or 60,000 miles of Courtesy Transportation
5-year or 60,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty
3-year or 36,000-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty
6-years or 100,000 miles of Rust-Through Corrosion Limited Warranty
Chevrolet Connected Access with 10-years of standard connectivity

All of this and more is included in the Chevy Complete Care Warranty protection package.

12. Loved by Drivers of All Ages
The Corvette can appear to be a manly-man vehicle upon first blush, but the truth is that this is an internationally loved car by ALL genders and ages (partly due to its amazing features and performance, partly due to its aesthetics).

Men and women are drawn to this car, both conservative and liberal types alike. The sex appeal and liberating feeling of being in a Corvette are hard to beat.

13. Price of Admission for a 2018 Corvette
If you’re looking for a sports car that does more than just go fast, you can’t beat the Corvette. 2018 models start at $55k, with higher trims at $65k and $75k. If you’re hungry for more power, the Z06 can be had at $80-88k.

Opt for the convertible upgrades for about $5k more…Corvette can pretty much bring anything you want to the table!

A Historic Vehicle of Epic Proportions
These 13 reasons should have you ready to run out right now and buy a 2018 Corvette—a piece of American history that continues to get better with age (like fine wine). On the race track or on the mean streets, this is a car has always held its own.

There’s no denying the value of a car like the Corvette. You can customize and modify it until your heart’s content. It’s also nice to have a car come with modern features and premium comfort.

If you’re interested in shopping for Corvette parts and accessories, you’re in the right place. RPI Designs prides itself in offering a huge inventory of Corvette aftermarket parts. Buy high-quality performance parts and find the best deals in our shop.

If you can’t find a particular part in our store, contact us and we’ll do everything we can to get it for you. With over two decades of selling aftermarket parts under our belts, we know how to bring the best out of a Corvette.

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