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RPI Designs, located
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12 Camaro Care Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

If you want to maintain your Camaro’s resale value and keep it looking brand new, check out these 12 essential car care tips.

Nothing makes heads turn like pulling up to work (or even the bar) in a brand-new Camaro. But, you’ll quickly lose the car’s “wow” factor if you don’t know how to take care of it!

It’s not enough to rely on maintenance visits or one-time car upgrades. The best car care routines include consistent, careful effort in order to keep your car at its highest value and performance.

If you’re not sure what you need to do in order to keep your car in top condition, use these 12 Camaro care tips to help you get a handle on regular maintenance.

1. Get a Full Exterior Detail Treatment Right Away

Just as your car’s value starts to depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot, car care begins the second you become the owner. It’s not something to put off once your vehicle is damaged or it’s time for the first oil change. It’s an ongoing process that you need to put effort into from day one.

The first thing you need to do when you get your new Camaro is get a full exterior detail treatment. This protects the paint and gives the car an extra coat of wax (which helps it shine and hold up against potential scratches).

2. Invest in a Second Wax After You Buy the Car

Once the initial wax treatment is done, wait a few days then wash your Camaro yourself. After the car has been washed, wax it one more time.

The second coat of wax locks in the professional treatment that was done on your car. It’s basically an extra layer of protection that ensures your car’s color lasts; wax maximizes the original factory coating.

3. Protect the Leather on the Inside

Keep in mind that the inside of your Camaro is just as important to maintain as the outside — if not more! Leather is one of the most sensitive materials you have to take care of in the interior, and it requires regular coating and cleaning to prevent scratches, scuffs, and problems with the stitching.

Top-notch interior car care goes beyond the seats, though. You need to clean the carpets and floor mats at least once a month and air them out from time to time, too. Wipe the dash whenever you get a chance and don’t let trash pile up in your car, either.

If you plan to put a car seat in the Camaro or you have a pet, always keep a blanket or towel in the car. This way, you can cushion the car seat so that it doesn’t mess up the leather and prevent dog/cat hair from getting all over the place.

4. Prevent Bad Smells from Lingering

There’s a difference between cleaning your car’s interior so that it looks good and cleaning it so that it smells good. All it takes is one forgotten grocery bag or spilled drink and BAM… a smell that just won’t go away!

Sometimes, too, a bad smell can come from the car itself! This happens if there’s an issue with the AC and mold starts to grow behind the vents. It’s not very likely, but it is possible. You can prevent this by putting a fan on the air vents every once in a while and by practicing good AC habits every time you drive.

If the car ever does get a funky smell, the best thing to do is let a professional handle it. Don’t try to cover it up or take care of it on your own, as this may only make matters worse.

5. Take Special Care of the Lights

It’s not often that you’ll have to change the interior light bulbs, the headlights, or the taillights on your Camaro. But when you do (even if you’re just trying to upgrade the look of your beloved car), you want to do the best job possible.

Always take the extra time to clean the light sockets. (This keeps dust from tampering with your new lights and it prevents socket corrosion, which can cause bigger issues down the line.) It doesn’t take long for you to clean the sockets, but it makes a huge difference.

6. Maintain the Tires in Top Condition

As you well know, tires are important. VERY important. Tires shouldn’t need replaced constantly, and as with most things, the better care you give them, the less often you’ll end up paying for replacement/service (think alignments, etc.).

Make a habit of checking the tire pressure on a regular basis and try not to let them look old or scuffed up, which obviously hinders the overall look of the car. Avoid potholes at all costs and be cautious of unpaved roads.

7. Don’t Drive Until the Tank Is Empty

Are you the kind of driver who waits until the very last second to fill up your tank? This is a habit you seriously need to change if you want to take good care of your Camaro.

Driving until the tank is on its last few miles puts a strain on all the car’s mechanics. It’s not good for the engine and it can mess up your AC, too. It’s the same as putting off an oil change — the longer you try to last with your tank on “E”, the more you’re damaging your car.

8. Prioritize Routine Maintenance

Speaking of putting off an oil change, DON’T DO IT. Plan ahead for oil changes as you see your mileage getting closer and closer to the next service mark.

It’s a small treatment tip that does wonders for the overall strength of your vehicle. Oil changes are one of the most simple car care tips, but unfortunately, not all drivers pay serious attention to them. Be different than those guys. Keep up with regular maintenance as much as you can.

9. Keep Your Keychain Light

Here’s a car care tip you may find surprising: it’s not good to have a heavy keychain.

Car keys on a heavy keychain put a strain on the ignition. They can mess up the tumblers as you’re driving around, hitting small bumps in the road. The stress builds up over time, and if you ever find yourself with a faulty ignition that won’t start, a heavy keychain could be to blame.

As such, the smartest thing to do is keep the keychain light.

10. Check the Door and Window Seals from Time to Time

The next Camaro care tip is to monitor the seals on the car’s exterior. Door and window seals can start to peel or lose their grip over time (possibly due to sun damage, heavy rain/snow, or natural wear and tear).

Whenever this issue does arise, fix it right away. Ignoring a faulty seal can lead to bigger problems on the interior and the strength of the exterior, as well.

11. Drive Carefully

Driving carefully is just plain common sense, but it’s also kind of easy to forget when you’re behind the wheel (especially in a fun car like a Camaro).

Performance cars make you want to go fast, and naturally, lots of drivers are curious about the power of a Camaro.

But, driving recklessly is basically asking to damage your car. You never know what you may run into (or ruin), or how badly you can hurt yourself/someone else. Drive carefully and put your ego aside; your car and your health will thank you!

12. Always Park with Caution

Keep in mind that driving with care includes how you park. You don’t want to whip into a parking lot and end up colliding with a car that was backing out, and you want to avoid parking too close to other cars that may scratch or bump into yours.

Always try to park a little further away from other cars. You may not like the thought of having to walk more, but you’ll appreciate not having a bunch of scratches and dents from careless drivers who park too close to you.

Car Care Tips for Camaros, Mustangs, and More

The next time you think about putting off stopping for gas or skipping exterior detailing, think again.

A car’s value doesn’t drop much overnight, but lack of quality care does add up very quickly.

Top-notch car care preserves your car’s power and aesthetic appeal, keeping it looking and riding like the day you bought it. We can help you with all of the upgrades under the sun, but if you don’t care for your car properly, people will notice the bad instead of the good.

For more Camaro care tips, insights and pieces of advice, click here!


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