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RPI Designs, located
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How Can a Custom Exhaust System Benefit Your Camaro?

Are you debating about getting a custom exhaust system for your Camaro? This will greatly improve your Camaro’s performance. Here’s why.

Did you know that getting a quality custom exhaust system installed in your Camaro can improve its performance by 3 percent? That 3 percent may sound little, but it adds up over time and can save you a lot of cost in the long-run.

Plus, a less-restrictive custom exhaust will improve your car’s engine performance by nearly 10 percent.


It seems almost crazy not to make an upgrade that can increase your car’s fuel economy and horsepower.


But, are those the only advantages to a custom system?


No. Not even close. The benefits of installing a custom exhaust system go on and on. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Custom Exhaust System?

Another name for the custom exhaust system is the aftermarket exhaust system, and this particular car part is intended to substitute the factory fitted exhaust system. It is done most times to improve the car’s sound, visual appeal, and performance.


Most often, these performance enhancements are realized by lowering the back pressure of the factory-fitted exhaust component.


Despite the fact that most people replace their exhaust for the above reasons, cases may arise where the factory fitted component wears out. The custom system is used to replace them because they are less expensive and more available than a factory fitted replacement.

Factory-Fitted Exhaust and Custom Exhaust Systems

The custom exhaust systems are the most prevalent upgrades amongst hot-rodders.


Why? Because they are built to free up more horsepower.


There are two major differences between a factory fitted exhaust system and a custom exhaust system:


  • The Width of the Exhaust Pipes


Custom exhaust pipes are far larger than the factory-fitted types, and the thickness of the custom exhaust also differs, depending on the specific application.


Custom auto exhausts have a larger diameter to aid the flow of bigger volumes of air. The diameter size is dependent on the RPM and engine size.


  • The Type of Pipe Bend


The pipe bend is an important difference between factory-fitted and custom exhaust systems. The factory-fitted exhaust systems are created by a method known as crush bending, which is a pretty fast and easy system to implement.


Downside? It experiences a lot of performance-robbing restrictions at its pipe bends.


This is the reason why manufacturers of custom exhaust systems came up with mandrel bending. This bending involves the use of a flexible rod inserted into the exhaust pipe, which prevents the pipe walls from kinking or collapsing when it is bent.


This aids in limiting restrictions in the pipe bends.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Exhaust System for Your Camaro

When getting your custom exhaust system, it’s important to consider the types of exhaust systems, the exhaust configuration, and the exhaust material.

The Types of Exhaust

There are 3 major types of exhaust systems. These are cat-back, axle-back, and header-back. Every custom exhaust system comes with a combination of crossover pipe, catalytic converter, mufflers, tailpipes, and header or intermediate pipes. It all depends on what system you choose.


The Cat-Back Car Exhaust

This system replaces every component from the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip. It includes a tailpipe and a muffler and can come in form of an X-pipe, mid-pipe, Y-pipe or H-pipe, depending on the model of the Camaro.


These exhaust systems are one of the most common exhaust upgrades. The cat-back has a simple modification that helps free the gas-flow from the exhaust. The result is money savings with more power gains for your engine.


The specific amount of horsepower gained is dependent on the design of the catalytic converter and the remaining stock exhaust components. The free flow of the exhaust also enhances engine efficiency, which in turn leads to good fuel consumption.


The Axle-Back Auto Exhaust

This car exhaust consists of every component from the back axle to the exhaust tip. It is the most affordable auto exhaust, and is simple to install. Axle-back exhausts can also be modified to produce the sound and performance you desire.


The Header-Back Car Exhaust System

This custom exhaust system replaces all components from the header collector to the tailpipes. It allows for a larger flow of the exhaust gas, which is possible because of the exhaust system’s large diameter.


The Camaro header-back is harder to install and more expensive because the whole exhaust system is replaced.

Types of Exhaust Configuration

The type of configuration used in setting-up the custom exhaust system of your Camaro car includes the following:

Single Configuration

This type of configuration is the most common setup. It consists of a muffler, set of exhaust components, and exhaust tip that exits behind the axle of the vehicle.


The custom single exhaust system gives a significant performance upgrade due to its large pipe diameters and mandrel bands which are less restrictive. These exhaust pipes are light in weight and cost-effective as well.

Dual Exit Configuration

The dual exit configuration system is similar to single exhausts, because the system uses the same configuration of the single exhaust system.


It consists of a converter, one head pipe, and two exhaust tips exiting from the muffler.

True Dual Exhaust Configuration

This type of configuration is one of the most popular exhaust systems. It consists of two mufflers that have their own exhaust tips, two catalytic converters, and two separate pipes that run from the headers to the exhaust tips.


A lot of people who are enthusiastic about the performance of their cars prefer this design, because of the distinctive growl of the dual mufflers, the sporty look, and the high-flow capabilities of two separate exhaust passages for each bank of engine cylinders.

Dual Crossover Configuration

The dual crossover configuration is a system that allows exhaust gases to flow freely between two sets of pipes. It helps balance out the exhaust flow which in turn removes excess backpressure on one side.


It also ensures that there is a balance between the two sets of exhaust component. It is a good performing exhaust that needs few modifications to fit properly.

The Exhaust Material

Custom car exhaust components are made from two different materials: mild steel or stainless steel.


Mild steel is more affordable compared to the stainless steel. However, mild steel corrodes quickly, whereas, the stainless steel system doesn’t, which ultimately makes stainless perfect for snowy and rainy climates.

Benefits of Using a Custom Exhaust System for Your Camaro Car

There are definite benefits in using a custom exhaust system for your Camaro:

Greater Air Flow

A custom exhaust system helps you free some of the power in your engine due to its large pipe diameter. It also creates a quick, efficient path for exhaust gases to escape, giving room for your engine to breathe better.


Hence, air and spent fuel leave the combustion chambers faster which means that more fresh fuel and air can be burned.

Improved Fuel Economy

This type of system has a significant effect on the amount of fuel your engine consumes during operation. If you do a full exhaust replacement rather than an axle-back replacement or cat-back replacement, you will observe a boost in fuel economy.

More Power

When you use a custom exhaust system in your Camaro car, it offers increased power and performance. It is important you bear in mind that the boost in performance is not compared to a supercharger or turbocharger.


However, it is important to be careful when you are adding the horsepower.

If the horsepower gets too high, it affects the backpressure. This, in turn, can suffocate your engine.

Improved Sound

Depending on your age and preferences, the sound of your car may or may not be important to you. Whatever the case, when you use a custom exhaust system, it greatly improves the sound quality of your engine.


The sound is a strong factor to put into consideration if you have intentions of leaving a lasting impression. Your car will emit a vibrato that’s sure to please the crowd.

Final Word

Regardless of the direction you choose to take, a custom exhaust will definitely improve the sound, performance, power, and appearance of your Camaro car.


If you need a custom exhaust system for your Camaro, please contact us today.

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