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RPI Designs, located
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How a Car Windshield Shade Protects Your Camaro’s Interior

As we enter the heart of summer, heat and UV rays from the sun can warm up your Camaro, damaging your interior and everything in it. One way to protect your car is with a car windshield shade. Read on to learn the benefits of car sun shades for your Camaro.

What’s yellow, has black stripes, and is incredibly powerful?

If you answered Bumblebee, IGN’s second-fave Autobot, then you’re not wrong. After all, he transforms into none other than the Chevrolet Camaro.

Over the years, the beloved Camaro has gone through serious changes and developments. But you can’t deny the fact that it has remained one of the car enthusiasts’ most beloved American muscle cars.

As a Camaro owner yourself, you shelled out a lot of dough for this impressive machine. That’s why you need a car windshield shade ASAP, among many other protective essentials. After all, with a base price of around $25,905, it’s an inexpensive way to keep your Camaro as pristine as possible.

The question is, what exactly are the benefits of car sun shades? And even more importantly, how can they protect your investment?

We’ll answer all these questions and more. Read on!


What’s the Sun’s Deal, Anyway?

Just think of how dangerous overexposure to the sun is to our delicate human skin. The same holds true for your muscle car.

That’s because those UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, and you don’t have to be a rocket (or sun) scientist to know that overexposure to these “waves” can cause major issues.

Although there are three primary types of UV rays, you should be most concerned with two: UVA and UVB. That goes for both you and your Camaro (we’ll break it down—don’t worry!).


UV Sun Damage to Your Prized Camaro

You’ve most likely seen cars with bad, faded paint. Although some blame can be given to the car’s age, the majority of the blame can most certainly be credited toward the sun’s UV rays.

Sunlight causes photo-degradation — the event that causes color fading — on car exteriors. The thing is, it’s not only the outside of your Chevy that suffers. Unfortunately, the interior of your car can sustain just as much damage!

From fading car seats to sagging dashboards to oven-like temperatures, exposing your Camaro to direct sunlight can lead to bad, BAD things…especially when you’ve already put your heart and soul into your car. While you can’t block out UV rays 100% of the time, you can block them during all the times you have it parked.

That’s why investing in a car windshield cover for sun is as important as getting top quality splash guards.

After all, a durable and powerful UV-blocking car shade cover brings you the following benefits:


Safeguarding the Skin-Like Components of Your Ride

Your Camaro’s upholstery is much like human skin (especially if you’ve got leather upholstery). Treat it like you would your own!

Whether the upholstery materials consist of leather, faux leather, nylon, polyester, or vinyl, the sun’s damaging UV rays can cause them to fade, wrinkle, crack, and deteriorate.

Consider the average cost of reupholstering services. Just standard vinyl can take a whopping $125 (per seat!) from your wallet. Of course, you’ll spend even more for genuine leather – up to $350 a piece!

So why not get your Camaro a car shade cover that only costs about 50 bucks? The long term savings you’ll get by ditching the need to reupholster will put money in your pocket and give you the opportunity to spend that money elsewhere (on you car, of course).


Interior Protection Against Photo-degradation

Sun car shades also act as a windshield sun reflector. This function allows them to protect other aspects of a vehicle’s interior, which include your Camaro’s dashboard, seat covers, and steering wheel skin among many others.

In other words, that windshield cover will stave off the symptoms of early photo-degradation and premature signs of car interior aging—yet again, saving you money in the long run.


Keeping Your Dashboard Upright

All those years of exposure to the sun’s harsh heat and UV rays can make your dashboard give up… literally.

First, it’ll begin to wrinkle. From there, those wrinkles bust open, resulting in cracks. And the longer you delay in repairing these issues (and the more sun exposure they receive), the sooner you’ll notice the entire board sagging!

Even with the Camaro’s exceptional construction and top-notch materials, its interior parts won’t last under the sun. The easy fix? Get your hands on a windshield shade to prevent inside components from falling apart.


Keeping Things Cool

Have you ever parked your car somewhere without a roof (think outdoor supermarket parking spaces, the side of the road, etc.)? If so, then you experienced the oven-like situation inside your car when you slid into the driver’s seat.

You also know it took forever (okay we’re exaggerating, but you get the gist) to cool things down. You may have even jumped at how hot the seat felt, despite your clothes serving as some sort of insulation.

You don’t want to do this constantly during the hot summer months, do you? Even though you can try parking somewhere away from the sun’s rays, you won’t always be lucky enough to find a free spot. Make it simple on yourself. Get your car a windshield cover so that you have something handy at all times.


Less Work for Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

In ideal conditions, an automobile’s air conditioning system only needs a few minutes to cool things inside. Add the oven-like temperature mentioned above, and it’ll take much longer for the AC to bring temps to normal, more so to an optimal cooling level.

But your personal comfort isn’t the only thing affected here. Because your Camaro’s air conditioner works harder in warmer temperatures, it means more work for the cooling system. More work means more energy consumed, not to mention the AC-life-shortening effects of this extra effort.

Get rid of the need to expend more AC effort than necessary. Cover up your car’s windshield with a heat- and UV-blocking cover.


A High-Quality Car Windshield Shade Also Protects You

Imagine this scenario:

You park your Camaro for a few hours under direct sunlight and intense summertime heat, without any kind of protection. Then, you head back to your ride and the first thing you do (after unlocking it) is reach out to the door handle and open it.

It’s crazy hot!

In all likelihood, you immediately take your hand off the handle (because of the unpleasant burning sensation you felt). Thanks to leaving your car out in the open, ALL of the metal components in it absorbed and conducted all that heat from the sun.

So now, unfortunately, you can expect every other metal part inside your car to feel the same. That includes your seatbelt buckles. Now compound it by the fact that even those things that aren’t metal will still feel hot to the touch… like the above-mentioned car seats, dashboard, and steering wheel.

While the heat may not be enough to leave actual burns, the highly unpleasant sensation it creates should be enough for you to want to avoid it. Those situations can easily be avoided by simply using a windshield sunshade for your car.


Don’t Burn Cash with the Sun’s Burning Effects on Your Camaro

Camaros are special. They aren’t cheap and they aren’t everywhere like, say, a base Toyota Corolla, which means pride on your part. You drive what only a few others do (and can afford)!

To keep your pride as a Camaro owner, though, you need to maintain its looks and function. A car windshield shade will do that (and a whole lot more) for you at a very inexpensive price. So, as early as now, start shopping and comparing these must-have covers for your Chevy!

We’ve got an extensive Camaro parts catalog you should check out. It has all the must-have parts and accessories that’ll help you keep your cool and your ride looking cool, too.

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