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Premium C8 Blackout Tail Lights: RPI’s Molded Acrylic Package -RPIDesigns.com
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2020-2024 C8 Corvette Molded Acrylic Tail light Blackouts Lens Package
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2020-2024 C8 Corvette Molded Acrylic Tail light Blackouts Lens Package
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$299.99  $179.99
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2020-2024 C8 Corvette Molded Acrylic Tail Light Blackouts Lens Package (14pc kit)

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a bold look to your C8 rear end, then a set of our Next Gen Corvette tail lights offer you a look that everyone will love. Made from acrylic (methyl methacrylate), these C8 tail lights have a 5 percent tint to them, still giving you a blackout look while also keeping your tail lights completely visible to other drivers. Generic brands or off the shelf C8 Corvette blackout covers may offer you a very nice blacked out look for your rear end, but they may also make your tail lights very hard to see leading to potential rear end accidents.

Fourteen piece fully contoured, plastic injection molded acrylic

All of our C8 tail lights use 3M adhesive tape to make for an absolute easy install that will stay in place until you are ready to take them off. The 3M adhesive can handle high speeds and whether elements without losing its strength. And although they stay put like they were built into the Corvette tail lights from the factory, these C8 Corvette tail light blackout covers can be uninstalled in just minutes. When you purchase a set of our blackout covers for your Corvette tail lights, the 3M adhesive is included plus an alcohol wipe that you use to clean the surface of your C8 tail lights before you install the covers. The alcohol wipe will remove all dust and road grime that could cause an unsecured bond when the adhesive stripes and tail light covers are installed.

Get Noticed With These Next Gen C8 Corvette Molded Smoked Covers

When you think about driving your Corvette, more than half of the people that are on the road are going to be seeing your Corvette from behind, why not give them something cool to look at? These C8 Corvette tail light blackout covers give your Corvette’s rear end a real sleek look. They also help match up with your other exterior trim parts including your stock rear diffuser. The original Corvette tail lights are a cool shape but sometimes the red of them can look awkward on certain stock Corvette exterior colors. This is just one super inexpensive way to smooth out that awkwardness and add a car show look to your already beautiful American sports car.

Package includes:

  • (1) Driver Side Large Outer Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Large Outer Cover
  • (1) Driver Side Large Inner Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Large Inner Cover
  • (1) Driver Side Outer Reflector Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Outer Reflector Cover
  • (1) Driver Side Inset Light Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Inset Light Cover
  • (1) Driver Side Outer Top Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Outer Top Cover
  • (1) Driver Side Inner Top Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Inner Top Cover
  • (1) Driver Side Reverse Light Cover
  • (1) Passenger Side Reverse Light Cover

Blackout Shade Options:

  • Standard (as shown, this is the normal blackout look)
  • Light Smoke (lighter, not a fully blacked out look)

C8 Corvette Molded Taillight Blackouts

Passenger side blackout package shown above, the fourteen piece kit includes the same pieces for the driver side of the car too.


The below photo shows the RPI molded, countour shaped blackout and also our competition. Our competition uses a flat piece of acrylic while we use quality injection molded plastic for an OEM fit and finish.

Corvette C8 Taillight Blackouts






Not All C8 Blackout Tail Lights Are the Same. Discover RPI’s Molded Acrylic Package

Owning a Corvette, no matter the generation, is a statement in and of itself. But, making upgrades with exterior accessories—from exhaust systems, rear spoilers and license plate frames to easy-to-install molded acrylic tail light blackouts—is part of what makes owning a Chevrolet Corvette so great!

Since 1998, RPI Designs has been leading the industry in providing premium, innovative Corvette parts and accessories. If you’re searching for cheap, laser-cut acrylic tail lights, we’re NOT the place for you. But, if you want a long-lasting C8 blackout kit that’s engineered and molded for a perfect fit on your rear tail lights, then you’ve come to the right place!

Molded Acrylic Tail Lights Fit Best

While other companies might supply C8 Corvetteacrylic tail lights, most often you’ll find that their blackout kits are filled with cheap, flat acrylic that’s cut with a band saw or laser. At RPI Designs, though, we’re committed to delivering a product that provides a perfect fit. (RPI’s blackout tail lights will look like you’ve taken the OEM piece and had it painted in a smoked finish!) Not to mention that our blackout kit includes FOUR EXTRA PIECES that nobody else offers to deliver a complete 14-piece kit!

Why Are Molded Tail Light Blackouts Better Than Painted Tail Lights? 

RPI uses a plastic injection mold to create an acrylic blackout kit that delivers a perfect fit each and every time. Why do our satisfied customers opt for our tail lights covers as opposed adding a tint or frost to their current lights? 

Unlike painting original OEM lights for a smoked acrylic look, using RPI’s tail light blackout lens kit keeps GM’s warranty on the lights in place. Plus, down the road, if you go to sell the vehicle to someone in a jurisdiction that doesn’t allow blackouts, they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the original lights.

RPI’s C8 CorvetteStingrayBlackout Kit

At RPI, our 14-piece rear tail lightacrylic blackout kit is created to add a bold statement to your C8 CorvetteStingray. They come with a 5% tint, giving you the great blackout look while keeping your brake lights and turn signals visible to other drivers. (This is important, because, while other generic brand options may have nice smoked covers, they may not be transparent enough—leading to an increased likelihood of rear-end accidents.)

Additionally, our tail light blackout covers are plastic injection molded to create a superior fit, and out C8 Vette’s blackout kit uses clear 3M adhesive tape for easy installation, strength and durability.

RPI Stands Behind Our C8 CorvetteBlackout Kit

Because we know that our C8 blackout tail lights are such a superior product, we proudly offer a three-year replacement warranty. So, if you lose a piece or it cracks, RPI will replace that particular smoked acrylic tail light piece free of charge.

Get the Best C8 Corvette Blackout Tail Lights

At RPI Designs, we make it our mission to go above and beyond in supplying our customers with new products (and related products) for their Chevy Corvettes, Cameros and more. If you’re looking for a superior tail light blackout kit for your C8 Corvette, then RPI Designs is the place for you.


Fitment: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 C8 Corvette

Our molded acrylic rear taillight blackout lenses are designed to perfectly fit your 2020-2024 C8 Corvette. This is a 14pc molded acrylic package.
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