RPI Designs, located 
Salem, Ohio, offers many c5/c6/ c7 corvette Stingray camaro 
parts and accessories.

Toll-Free: 888.257.8515

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RPI Designs, located
Salem, Ohio, offers many c5/c6/ c7 corvette Stingray



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C5/C6/C7/C8 Corvette Stingray Parts & Accessories, 2010-2015 Camaro, 2016-2019 6th Generation Camaro and 2015-2019 Ford Mustang

Painted Parts are painted to order and take additional time, right now we are about a 4-5 week lead time. Please keep this in mind.

RPI Designs Corvette Carlisle Pre-Order and Installs

Corvette Carlisle


We will be setup on the Manufacturer Midway with install booths so we can install your parts at the show...be sure to get on our list soon, space is quickly filling up!


Installations at Carlisle:

  • We will have installation service available, at our booth for the following products. Make sure to pre-order if possible and setup a time for the install with us before you leave for the show. Install times are limited and fill up fast, so the sooner you can put down a time, the better!

You can pre-order these now or at the show for installs:


  • C7 Hood liner $30.00
  • C7 / Z06 splitters $75.00
  • C7 / Z06 skirts (set) $100.00
  • C7 Wide Body Wheel opening moldings $75.00
  • C7 Smoked/Clear Blackouts $50
  • C7 taillight blackouts $25
  • C7 Novi Stretch Masks $25
  • C7 Grille Blackout $30
  • C7 Mild2Wild $25
  • C6 Mild2Wild $25
  • C6 Wide Body Splitter $75.00



Show prices for the parts:

  • C7 Front Splitters:

https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5148 = $519 + install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5400 = $535 + install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5547 = $795.99 + install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item...ront-splitter/ = $695.99 + install

  • C7 Side Skirts:

https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=4943 = $545 + install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5401 = $699.99+ install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3204 = $565 + install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3280 = $565 + install

  • C7 Wheel opening moldings, fit wide body only:

https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5326 = $275.99 + install
https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5530 (our new hydro film which looks amazingly real) $285.99 + install

  • C7 Molded Grill Blackouts (base only)

https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx/c7-corvette-molded-plastic-grille-blackout-package/ ($120.99 + install)


  • C6 Carbon Fiber ZR1 Style Front Splitters (wide body only)

https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=1751 = ($485 + install)


  • C7 Molded Taillight Blackout Kit ($209.99 + install)



  • C5, C6, C7 Novi Front Bumper Masks (price varies + install)



Partial list of parts we'll have in stock at Carlisle:


C7 Z06 Splitters, Carbon Flash (w/Winglets)
C7 Z06 Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (w/Winglets) 
C7 Z06 RPI Stage 2 Front Splitter, Carbon Flash
C7 Stage 1 RPI Side Skirts, Carbon Flash
C7 Side Skirts, Stage2, Carbon Flash
C7 GM Wheel Opening Moldings, Carbon Fiber
C7 GM Wheel Opening Moldings, Carbon Flash
C7 GM Splash, C Flash
C7 Z06 Hood Scoop, Carbon Fiber (off car)
Under Hood Kit for the Z06
C6 Z06 ZR1 Front Splitter, Gloss Black
C6 Z06 ZR1 Front Splitter, Flat Black
C6 Z06 ZR1 Side Skirts, Gloss Black
C6 Z06 ZR1 Side Skirts, Flat Black
C6 ZR1 Rear Spoilers, Gloss Black
C6 ZR1 Rear Spoiler, Torch Red
C6 Base Front Splitter, Gloss Black
C6 Base Front Splitter, Flat Black
C6 Base Side Skirts, Gloss Black
C6 Base Side Skirts, Flat Black
Misc Under Hood Parts (C7 FRC, C6 FRC)
C5 Poly Wash + Cooolant
Combo of Waterfalls
Combo of C5 Front Surrounds
Misc Licese Plate Frames
C6 Z06 Rear Spoiler
Misc C6 Door Handles
C7 Stage2 > Stage3 Wing Extensions
C6 Z06 ZR1 Side Skirts, Carbon Fiber
C6 Z06 ZR1 Splitters, Carbon Fiber
C7 Stage2 Front Splitter, Carbon Fiber
C7 Z06 Style Front Splitter, Carbon Fiber
C7 Z06 Side Skirts, Carbon Fiber
C7 Z06 Stage3 Winglets, Flash 
Billet Caps, For Z06
C7 Molded Grille Blackouts, Carbon Flash
Z51 Decals Standard
Z51 Decals Blue
Z51 Decals Yellow
C6 M2W
C7 M2W
C6 Old School M2W
C6 NPP in a Box
Adjustable Kits
Polishing Kits 
CoverKing Moda (Combo C5, C6, C7)
C7 Indoor RPI Black
C6 Indoor RPI Black
C7 Indoor RPI CRM
C7 Indoor RPI Laguna Blue
C7 Indoor RPI Torch Red
ea rest of colors, C7 RPI Indoor
C7 Extreme Defender
C6 Extreme Defender
C6 Taillight Blackouts
C6 Side Marker Blackouts
C6 Reverse Light Blackouts
C6 Driving Light Blackouts
C6 Z06 Driving Light Blackouts
C7 Molded Taillight Blackouts
C7 Side Marker Blackouts
C7 Reverse Light Blackouts
C7 3rd Brakelight Blackout
C6 Emblem Blackouts
C7 Emblem Blackouts
C6 Visor Decals, plain
C7 Visor Decals, plain
C7 Visor Decals, Carbon Fiber
C7 Grille Blackout, Black
C7 Grille Blackout, Carbon Fiber
C6 Cargo Shade w/C6 Logo
C5 Cargo Shade w/C5 Logo
C6 Cargo Shade w/Z06 Logo
C6 Cargo Shade w/ZR1 Logo
C7 Roof Blackouts
C5 Roof Blackouts
C5 Stainless Steel Rear Letters
C5 Stainless Steel Front Letters
2A-3262 C6 ZR1 Rear Spoiler, Carbon Fiber
2A-3244 ACS Style Scoops, Carbon Fiber
2A-3245 C7 Stage 2 Rear Spoiler, Carbon Fiber
2A-3246 C7 Stage 2 Winglets, Carbon Fiber
2A-3248 C7 Diffuser Fins, Carbon Fiber
2A-3252 C7 Z51 Rear Spoiler
2A-3255 C7 Rear Diffuser
C5 Rear Letts, Mirror
C5 Rear Letts, Black
C5 Rear Letts, Red
C6 Stainless Steel Rear Letts
Vette Works Intl Domed Decals
C5 Small Exhaust Plates
C5 Big Exhaust Plates
Misc C6 Exhaust Plates
C6 NPP Exhaust Plates
C5 OEM Emblems
C6 OEM Emblems
C5 Knurled Valve Stem Caps
C6 Knurled Valve Stem Caps
C5 Tappered Valve Stem Caps
C6 Tappered Valve Stem Caps
C5 Window Valet
C6 Window Valet
C7 Window Valet
C6 Taillight Seals
C5 Taillight Seals
C5 Hood Seals
Set C5/C6/C7 Lock In Pucks, wrapped in 4 pc set
C5/C6/C7 Lock in Pucks, individually wrapped
C6 Billet Jacking Pucks, Set
C7 Billet Jacking Pucks, Set
Z06 Billet Jacking Pucks, Set
C5 Column Lock ByPass Kits
C5 Door Plugs
Remote Show/Go
Manual Show/Go
Curb Alert C5
Curb Alert C6
Curb Alert C7
Speedy Wheel Brushes
Lug Nut Brushes 
set C7 Door Sill Protectors Clear
set C7 Door Kickes, Clear
set C7 Door Kickesr, Black
C6 Travel Buddy, Double
C7 Travel Buddy, Double
C6 Travel Buddy, Single
C7 Travel Buddy, Single
C5 Stealth Splash Guard Kit
C6 Stealth Splash Guard Kit
C5 Gauge Bezels Kit, Aluminum
C6 Gauge Bezels Kit, Aluminum
Set C5/C6 Billet Seat Adjusters
C6 Skip Shift Eliminator FUSE
C6/C7 Skip Shift Eliminator 
C7 Shelves, Dash
C5 Screens
set Blue Jack Pucks
set Red Jack Pucks
Abs of Steel
Catch Cans
C5 Lloyd Mats
C6 Lloyd Mats
C7 Lloyd Mats
Misc Corvette Hats
C7 Novigo Mask
C6 Novigo Base Mask
C6 Novigo Z06 Mask
C5 Novigo Mask
Mirror Covers
C7 Black License Plate Frames
C7 Chrome License Plate Frames
C7 Z06 Black License Plate Frames
C7 Z06 Chrome License Plate Frames
C7 Grand Sport Black License Plate Frames
C7 Grand Sport Chrome  License Plate Frames
C6 Chrome License Plate Frames
C7 Z06 Seat Belt Pads, Black
C7 Z06 Seat Belt Pads, Red
C7 Z06 Seat Belt Pads, Yllw
C7 Z06 Seat Belt Pads, Tan
C7 Z06 Seat Belt Pads, Gray
C7 Stingray Seat Belt Pads, Black
C7 Stingray Seat Belt Pads, Black
C7 Stingray Seat Belt Pads, Black
C7 Stingray Seat Belt Pads, Black
C7 Stingray Seat Belt Pads, Black
Corvette Seat Belt Pads, Black
C7 Akrapovic Slip on Exhaust
C7 Akrapovic Evo Exhaust
C7 Z06 Akrapovic Slip on Exhaust
C7 Akrapovic Evo Exhaust
C6 Akrapovic Slip on Exhaust
C6 Akrapovic Evo Exhaust
Carbon tips for all systems
C7 Z06 aFe intakes
C7 non Z06 aFe intakes
X4 Programmers
13008SCV6RD  C6 Caliper Covers, Red  
13007SCV5RD  C5 Caliper Covers, Red
RPI Designs Corvette Carlisle Pre-Order and Installs

RPI Designs
11800 Salem Warren Road
Salem, Ohio 44460

Chevrolet, Chevy, Camaro, 427, Z06, Grand Sport, ZR1, ZL1, Stingray and Corvette are registered trademarks of General Motors Corporation. RPI Designs, LLC. has no affiliation with General Motors Corporation.

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