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C5, C6 And C7 Vararam Cold Air Intakes - RPIDesigns.com

Purchase Your Corvette Vararam Cold Air Intake Today

It’s tough to find high-performing parts for a Corvette that doesn’t cost a boatload of money. Here at RPI Designs, we have a product that not only saves you big in the pocketbook but also adds performance to your C5, C6 or C7 that you can feel.

Vararam Industries offers a Vararam cold air intake for your C7 Corvette that is one of the best the aftermarket has to offer. Designed straight from the COPO Race program, the VR-TCR-7 Vararam intake system will give you an 18-20+ horsepower gain when installed properly. What makes this cold air intake system so superior to the rest, it’s simple, its unique engineering design.

 All of the Vararam intake C5, C6 and C7 models use true ram air to make sure that you not only get the most air into your engine as possible but the most cold and high-quality air in as well. Probably our best selling Vararam cold air intake systems are the Vararam SC1 and SC1 - Z06. These are designed for the C6 LS2, LS3 and LS7 engines. We also have a very popular VR-B2 Vararam intake C5 Corvette system that has been dyno tested to produce close to a 40 horsepower increase.

 Increase Performance With Vararam Cold Air Intakes

One of the most impressive things about the performance increases of a Vararam intake C6 Corvette install is that you won’t just feel the extra horsepower and torque at peak RPM levels, but you will also notice plenty of under the curve power increases. The ram air design will give your Corvette better throttle response and torque performance all the way throughout the RPM range. In fact, this under the curve and peak performance increase combination could help you cut off as much as .35 seconds in the quarter mile and add an extra 7 MPH to your top speed.

 The Vararam cold air intake is an easy install. Even if you don’t have a lot of tools or a lot of mechanical experience, you should still have no problem completing this upgrade in your driveway in about 90 minutes. You just can’t beat this kind of affordable, performance-hungry easy install. Other Corvette upgrades can cost you a fortune and still not offer you this kind of performance increase. You could even see an MPG gain with a Vararam C6 Corvette system depending on your driving habits.

 Stock and even some aftermarket air intake systems force your engine to breathe out of a contraption that some would compare to breathing out of a tin can. The Vararam intake system lets your engine breathe freely with as little restriction as possible giving you major performance increases in all areas. Give us a call here at Southern Car Parts and get yours today at a great price!

 Perhaps the most sold C6 Corvette cold air intake on the market today is the Vararam SC1 and SC1-Z06. These units are for the LS2, LS3 and LS7 Z06 C6 Corvette. Vararam made these units a quick and easy install, any back yard mechanic can install on in an evening. The SC1 has been dyno tested to slash 0.35 seconds off quarter mile times and add 7MPH to top speed. The C6 Z06 unit produces very similar numbers. Of course Vararam doesn't just sell C6 Corvette units, the C5 VR-B2 has sold tens of thousands of units and produces great horsepower gains, close to 40!

With a Vararam Cold Air intake for your Corvette or Camaro we will promise you that you will not be unhappy with your purchase and that you'll be shocked by the "seat of your pants" increase in acceleration....oh, and don't forget that Vararam has posted MPG increases of 1-3 based on unit and driving habits. Install one of these and watch it pay for itself in a few short oil changes time period.

C6 Corvette Vararam LS3 unit shown below.

Vararam Corvette Cold Air Intake

The most performance packed cold air intakes on the market today are the Vararam cold air intakes. Get yours at RPI Designs today to save money!
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